Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Belated B-day

I am a little late with this birthday post, but my oldest and I celebrated our birthdays the other day. Yes, we share the same birthday. He was my best present I ever got. (minus labor and delivery) he! he! Anyway, we celebrated again with our special birthday station (photos, baby book, t-shirt from hospital, cards...) So, since I was putting together his special things I decided to do a little photo collage of Me! as well. you can catch a glimpse of it over in the corner. Here's My Birthday Boy:
And here is his poem:
A round little face
And brown curly locks
A little mouth that smiles
A little voice that talks
Chubby little hands
So inquisitive and small
Digging in the dirt
Or throwing a ball
Big Buddha belly
So round and sweet
Waiting for a cookie
Or some other treat
Small toddler legs
That run and jump and climb
Scraped little knees
And a cute small behind
Tiny little toes
Perfect and all in a row
My baby J
Always on the go.

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