Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is what we made...that is what we found


The other day we made prints in Sculpey clay. I had seen them awhile back on Plum Pudding and thought they were so cute. The origional idea was to collect things from nature and make a sort of fossil inprint. The boys didn'tseem to into it this day so I whipped out my stamps and my friend Ang and her daughter stamped our clay. It really turned out well, and of course we sat around brainstorming all the things we could now make with or stamps and clay:

  1. Stamp names and use as place cards for Thanksgiving
  2. Stamp small words and give as a set of inspiration stones, for maybe teacher gifts.
  3. Stamp with Christmas stamp and make ornaments.

So many possibilities...what have you done with your Sculpey clay??


is what we found playing about in the rain water collected by the baby inflatable pool.


Joanna said...

Gosh, those are so cute! I think the last time I touched Sculpey was when I handled my wedding cake toppers, which are turtles that a close friend made out of Sculpey. But those are so cute I think I might have to make some of them with the girls. They'd really enjoy that!!

Renee said...

Moms after my own heart! Stamping on anything and everything!