Friday, September 5, 2008

Simple Solutions

Well, with the weather (hopefully) beginning to turn cooler I am trying to spend some more time outside with C-bear and Little Miss. The problem I am finding is not having everything I need once I get outside, and with a almost 2 year old and 9 month old I can't leave them while I run back and forth from the house. So, here is my solution: a container of supplies that include:
  • ball
  • various baby/toddler toys
  • blanket for sitting in the grass
  • sunscreen
  • magazines for Mommy
While I was at it I also put together a portable sandbox for C

Once the weather is too cold or we (I!) get tired of the sand, I will use it for various sensory play.

  • filled with rice for pouring and scooping
  • filled with soap bubbles and water for car/toy washing

And the containers store neatly under our yard swing and are ready for the next day of use.

What simple solutions have you come across lately??


Ashley said...

What an awesome idea!!! I also love your crayons you made.

Summer said...

Hi Jessica,
Just stopping by to let you know you won the Yoplait yogurt kids pack giveaway. Be sure to check both your spam and inbox for an email. Congratulations!

Lauren Horsley said...

I'm in love with your portable sandbox - so clever!
Sorry you're not feeling well - hope you can get some rest, or at least some Dayquil. :)
So glad you found me at SuperMom Central - this is a darling blog!