Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Library Day...

...and here's our goodies. Does anyone else have trouble gettin' those books returned on time? My hubby jokes that there are wanted posters of me hanging at the library because I always owe them money. LOL.

Anyway, we had fun gathering our book and left with bags and arms overflowing. Magazines, cookbooks, and craft books for Mommy...Drawing, and animals books for T-man was interested in picking some cookbooks and reading books, and I picked out music cds and video for the babies.

We enjoyed reading this book when we got home:

And doing some sketching from our drawing books:

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Renee said...

RM asked me if we had signed up for the library summer reading program. I told her "no, we have over due books, so I'm not going back until I find them all!" I tried to renew online, but I was one day past due and it wouldn't let me! GGGRRRR! I'm gald I'm not the only one who is "wanted" by the library!